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Women Veterans Programs

Women Veterans Programs

According to the Department of Defense, in 2010 more than 30,000 single mothers have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and as of 2006 more than 40% of active duty women have children. The U. S. military now appears to recognize the unique impact that a military career and family exerts on women and have implemented transition policies and procedures intended to minimize the impact. The problem is that some of these programs are just recently taking effect and female veterans need a better understanding of the effectiveness of military and civilian programs for women designed to minimize the impact that a career and family have on women and therefore the family unit.

For any veteran with dependent children, being identified as homeless creates a threat and fear of youth protective services assessing the situation as dangerous and removing the children from their parent. This is one of the reasons VEBCOG and NC Works has partnered together to hold Women Veterans and Active Duty Women Outreach Events.

Craven County is the population center of the 4-county area of Craven, Pamlico, Jones, and Carteret Counties, veterans reside in each of these counties. With Cherry Point located in Craven County and Camp Lejeune in Pitt county, the area also attracts veterans who were stationed at one of the 2 Marine Corps bases. Of the more than 214,058 people living in the 4 counties, veterans and their families represent approximately 10% of the residents, a significant segment of the population.

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