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USDA/NIFA: Agricultural Veterans Training 3 yr. program: 2019/2021

Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden (VEBCOG), along with the University of Mount Olive’s Agricultural Department and North Carolina State University’s Farm School Extension, will begin the first session of the Agricultural Veterans (AGVET) training program. This training program will be conducted virtually (due to Covid-19 restrictions) and seeks to increase the number of ranchers and farmers along with improving the employability of unemployed and disabled veterans.

This program is open to ALL military members within North Carolina: active duty, reservist, retirees, veterans and spouses. The AGVET training program will consist of two independent 6-week long sessions. The AGVET training program addresses all the necessary skills and tools needed to start a successful business in agriculture. There is no cost associated with the attendance of this program, and all of the needed personal protective equipment (i.e. masks, gloves and hand sanitizer) will be provided free of charge.


Resourceful Community:

2020/2021: Three Wheeled Compost cycling: Three Wheeled VEBCOG program, a 5-member teen-run, bicycle compost/produce delivery courier service, catering to New Bern, NC residents and businesses. VEBCOG bike couriers will transport compost and produce as well as plants and value added items to residents and/or downtown businesses. The vermi-compost harvested at the garden will be sold during the Youth Farmers Market.

Resourceful Community1Resourceful Community1
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USDA/ Healthy Food Funding Initiative:

USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative1USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative1
USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative2USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative2
USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative3USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative3
USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative4USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative4
USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative5USDA: Healthy Food Funding Initiative5


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