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Fruit Guys, IP and FVC

Fruit Guys, IP and FVC

VEBCOG’s mission is to increase the number of veterans qualified for farming/ranching as a career and beekeeping as an added value item is becoming synonymous with both. Our strategic plan includes the ability for disabled veterans to not only launch businesses such as beekeeping, but also to provide outlets for them to sell their produce, meats and bakery items.

We were very pleased when we received the below award:

(VEBCOG) is a nonprofit organization designed to reintroduce unemployed, disabled, and homeless veterans back into the workforce as productive, employable individuals. Located in New Bern, NC, VEBCOG uses horticulture therapy to help rehabilitate veterans and grow organic fruits and vegetables to sell at farmers markets and distribute to disabled veterans. They received a $4,400 grant that will allow them to purchase two Slovenian beehives, which are more accessible to disabled beekeepers. The hives will be included in future farm tours to help encourage others to take up urban beekeeping.
We will also be able impact the decreasing number of bees existing worldwide by adding another bee sustainability format for individuals who are mobility challenged to assist in this most needed industry. It contains the same components, as the Langstroth except it has no specific honey supers and will allow us to have 2 AZ hives and 2 Langstroths.
Once we are operational we can educate the community and sponsors on the hive design that can eliminate most lifting by the beekeeper. The hive is worked from the rear. The rear door arrangement permits a much less intrusive inspection of the hive allowing access to all parts of the hive easily and immediately. When working the hive from the back, the beekeeper can stand or sit. In the front of the hive, there are two entrances for the bees- one on each level. Inside the hive, there are two levels for the bees with a queen excluder in the middle. This allows the workers to move throughout the entire hive.
International Paper staff members presented a $6,651.54 donation to Veterans Employment Base Camp and Organic Garden (VEBCOG) to provide umbrellas and seating for the youth agricultural training program.

Dear Lovay, I am the Regional Coordinator for Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) and am based in Washington, D.C. One of my many roles is to support the North Carolina FVC chapter. Under that capacity, I am reaching out to congratulate you on your selection as a recipient of The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund. You should have already received formal notification from Michael O’Gorman, our Founder and Executive Director.

The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund is designed to assist you in developing and expanding your agricultural business by giving you access to funding, resources and support services. It is our hope that this award will give you a well-deserved boost in pursuit of your agricultural endeavors. Sincerely, Sarah Dachos (We received $4000.00 for a new hoop house)

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